Tetra Master

Tetra Master is a new mini game that you can play in Final Fantasy IX. It is much like Final Fantasy VIII's mini card game (Triple Triad). You need to know how to play to finish the game, since you must compete and become a finalist in the Treno Card Tournament event.

How to get Cards

There are various ways of getting cards. Here they are:

  • Acquire cards after battles. Some monsters give off cards, not all.
  • Buy them from the Card Shop at Treno (only 4 though)
  • Win in a card Battle
  • Given to you by other people

Note: You can only have 100 cards. If you exceed 100 cards, you must discard some of the cards. So, if you have more than 1 of a certain kind of card, choose the strongest and the most number of arrows.

Involving yourself in a card battle

You can challenge other persons in a Card Game. But, remember that not everyone can play and will play with you. To challenge them, just go near then and press the Square button. Some battles are automatically initiated such as the tournaments.

The Board

As the name implies, Tetra (means "Four"), the board is composed of 16 tiles in 4x4 arrangement. Once the game has started, you'll also see tiles which are covered. You cannot place your cards here, nor can the opponent.

Starting Up and Playing

At the beginning of a Card Game, you must choose 5 cards from your card inventory which you will use for the card game. Then, you'll see a coin with two sides of different color. The Red ones is for the computer and the blue ones is yours. Then, the coin will spin and whomever the color faces up, he/it will be the one to place the first card on the board. From there, just use strategy and luck to beat the computer and you can walk away with some new cards. Otherwise, say bye-bye to a few of yours.