Paradigm System

Characters can be assigned on of six battles roles. Changing a character's role will alter the abilities to that character as well as their behavior in combat. Combinations of role assignments are known as "paradigms".

Paradigm Shift
During battle, press the L1 button to open the paradigm deck. From there, you can select a new paradigm and confirm it.

A defense-minded paradigm built around the Sentinel role will serve you best when facing a powerful foe. Once this initial policy of cuation has allowed your party to sufficiently weaken the enemy, the time will be right put a quick end to the battle by shifting an offensive paradigm that employs damage-dealing roles such as Commando and Ravager.

There is no limit to the number of times you can execute paradigm shifts in combat, so do not hesitate to experiment and find a paradigm that best meets the eveer-changing demands of the battlefield.


A relentless attacker boasting the highest offensive power of all roles. Chain gauges charged by a Commando's assualt will recover at a slower rate, rendering your foes more easily staggered.
Role Bonus: Augments the physical and magic attacks of all party members.

A specialist in offensive elemental magic, the Ravager will unleash a wide range of abilities against enemies, boostign chain potential and maximizing damage. Exploit your enemy's elemental vulnerabilities to chain even more.
Role Bonus: Improves chaining for all party members.

An unyielding defender able to draw enemy attacks and protect his or her allies. By reducing damage taken and unleashing counterattack abilities, the Sentinel will ensure that your party comes to no harm.
Role Bonus: Reduces physical and magical damage taken for all party members.

These recovery specialists direct their efforts toward restorign HP, curing status ailments, and reviving fallen comrades. With a Medic in your ranks, you may be battered, but you will never be beaten.
Role Bonus: Increases potency of healing abilities and items for all party members.

True team players who forego personal glory in favor of strenghtening their allies, Synergists wield abilities that enhance the offensive and defensive capabilities of the party and bestow elemental powers to attacks.
Role Bonus: Increases enhancement ability duration for all party members.

These wily types eschew outright attacks, instead relying on abilities to sap enemies of their strength, afflicting their victims with poison and a wide range of other status ailments. Sabotage your enemies and build chain bonuses, then go in for the kill.
Role Bonus: Increases success rate for all party members when using abilities against foes.