The solitary young woman speaks very little of herself, even her true name is a mystery. She is known to others simply as "Lightning". Lightning's weapon is a Blaze Edge, a ficitonal cross between a gun and a sword used by soldiers in experiments.

Eidolon: Odin

Snow Villiers


An irrepressible, fiery young man, Snow dives headfirst into danger using nothing but his powerful physique as a weapon. Snow is the head of Team Nora, a resistance group against Cocoon.

Eidolon: Shiva

Serah Vanille


Vanille is an endearing young woman with a sunny disposition. Her bright personality gives no hint of dark resolve. She is exiled from her home village and serves as the game's narrator.

Eidolon: Hecatoncheir

Sazh Katzroy


Sazh is a friendly, cheerful man who is never without his curious companions - a chocobo chick and a pair of pistols.

Eidolon: Brynhildr

Hope Estheim

Hope Estheim

Hope has enjoyed an uneventful youth on Cocoon. His life is truned upside down at the hands of the Sanctum's Purge.

Eidolon: Alexander



A raven-haired woman from the Oerba Village. She is a I'Cie from Pulse but orginally worked for the Cocoon Sanctum under Cid.

Eidolon: Bahamut