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Squaresoft made an unexpected turn when they announced Final Fantasy Tactics at the E3 of 1998. After their previous attempts of spinoff failures like Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest and the Final Fantasy Legend series for the Gameboy, they came up with an idea that astounded FF fans. A SIM RPG. Pakaged with Tobal No.1, was a playable demo of FFVII, and the first video of Final Fantasy Tactics. Gamers at the time were a little affraid of yet another failure at a FF spinoff, until the game was released.


The gameplay in FFT is like anyother SIM RPG, but the nicely done job system is incredible. You are able to hire and fire party members that assist you in battle, even Chocobos. These optional characters are fully playable and can gain levels and JP(job points). There are 19 different jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics, all with their own pros and cons. Split among the various different jobs are over 400 abilities including steal, megic, summon, death and more. The world map is basic. There is a dotted line you travel upon and you can't roam the world, but the random battles have returned.


SNES sprites are the main graphical engine, although there are a few FMV's at the beginning and end of the game. The graphics very much fit the game's setting and plot, and they more then allow for easy comprehension of what is happening in a scene. Even for graphics fan, you can still enjoy the quality of this FF title.


There are only a few songs in this game which are used often. Generic battle themes which fit the game fine, and won't be deleterious to your enjoyment. Sadly the master of all video game music Nobou Uematsu did not compose for this Final Fantasy title. Masaharu Iwata and Hitoshi Sakimoto composed the music and origional score. As for the sound effects, it only seemed like they had a few because they were used over and over again.


Romance, betrayal, and political intrigue, it's got it all. Based in a medieval/fantasy world Final Fantasy Tactics tells the story of Ramza Beoulve, a young prince of the enthroned Beoulve honor. The land of Ivalice is at war. The Gallione family, led by Prince Larg, and the Zeltennia, led by Prince Goltana are the opposing sides of what has been known as the Lion War. But what Ramza discovers is even more horrifying then any war. In the normal Square fashion, Final Fantasy Tactics' plotline was both captivating and complex. At sometimes it's hard to understand although; so many names and events are thrown at you at once. Very good development, it leaves you wanting more witch is always a positive. But you can love the story as much as you want; you'll end up throwing your copy out the window if you don't enjoy the battle system.

Battle System

The battle system in Final Fantasy Tactics is like any SIM RPG. You battle on a grid where you take turns. The character can only move so many spaces for each of the different jobs.The maps are beautifly done and multiple camera angles give you a true movie like experiance.


Overall FFT is a incredible strong SIM RPG. Square made a risk developing this title and the outcome was astounding. After FFT other spinoffs like Chocobo's Dongeon 2, Chocobo Racing and Ehrgiez have been great games.Final Fantasy Tactics is truly a masterpiece that every gamer should own.

Score: 90.00%

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