Here is a detailed walthrough on how to get Cloud Strife in your party.

To get Cloud Strife you must be in Chapter 4, before the Orbonne Monastery Battle, and you must have Mustadio, the engineer, in your party.

  • Go to Zeltennia Castle and listen to the rumor at the bar called, the Cursed Island.
  • Now go to Zarghidas Trade City and buy a flower from the flower girl that looks exactly like Aeris.
  • Go to Goug Machine City with Mustadio and have Basrodio look at a Steel Ball found in the No. 57 Mine.
  • Go to the bar at Goland Coal City and listen to the rumor called, the Ghost of Colliery.
  • Now go to Lesalia Imperial Capitol and have Beowulf join the party as a guest member.
  • Go back to Goland Coal City and complete the four battles. When you save Reis, the Holy Dragon, in the last battle Reis and Beowulf will join your party.
  • Once you have the Aquarius Zodiac Stone from Goland Coal City use it to activate the Steel Ball in the No. 57 Mine. When you activate the Steel Ball Worker 8 transforms.
  • At the Nelveska Temple, defeat Worker 7, a replica of Worker 8 and recieve the Cancer Zodiac Stone.
  • Return to Goug Machine City. The Cancer Zodiac Stone will trigger the Time Machine that will somehow get Cloud into the Final Fantasy Tactics world.
  • You might think you have him but too bad. You have to rescue him at Zarghidas Trade City from 2 Squires, 3 Thieves, and 1 Monk that are picking on the flower girl.

When you finally have Cloud you will find out that he has no weapon and is only on level 1. To get Cloud's weapon, the Materia Blade, that you need so he can use his Limit Breaks that are nicely all mastered for you equip the Move-find movement ability from the Chemist class on and go to Bervenia. At the top of the volcanoe you will find the Materia Blade.