The music in the Final Fantasy Tactics series was mainly composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto with a little help from Nobuo Uematsu on the soundtrack. The music was very well received with critics calling it "one of the best in existence" at the time of release.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack - The official soundtrack album of video game music from Final Fantasy Tactics. It was was composed primalry by Hitoshi Sakimoto and a little from Masaharu Iwata. There is a total of 71 tracks and the album was released on June 21, 1997 by DigiCube

MIDI Files

Description Size Link
The Zodiac brave story. 5.4K Click Here
Dorter Trade City's theme. 41.2K Click Here
The main character's theme. 15.6K Click Here
Running through the plains. 23K Click Here
Saving Olan! 37.1K Click Here
Music while in a shop. 6.2K Click Here
The scary Sweegy Woods. 48.2K Click Here
The main screen title music. 2.6K Click Here
The town music. 10.5K Click Here
World map music. 7.2K Click Here