Square-Enix continues to be innovative with the Final Fantasy franchise, especially during their 20th anniversary campaign. Dissidia Final Fantasy released exactly 20 years from Square's very first release of Final Fantasy. With recent popular spin-offs, they continue to evolve away from the traditional RPG arena we are used to seeing these characters in. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a hybrid of action, fighting, and role-playing, so you can imagine how 'different' this game is from the rest in the Final Fantasy franchise.

This particular spin-off was developed exclusively for the Playstation Portable System (PSP). The story seems quick and to the point with an array of characters from all final fantasy games - both heroes and villains. It is an endless battle between Cosmos (the goddess of harmony) and Chaos (the good of discord).

The game features a very extensive single-player mode that offers infinite freedom and customizability. Each of the initial 10 heroes have their own campaign to keep any avid gamer busy. Most importantly, the game has 'depth' and the SE touch of quality we have fell accustom to.


The fantasy knows no end. Of the endless fantasies, this is a "Heresy" that is only told once. An endless battle continues between Cosmos, goddess of harmony, and Chaos, the god of discord. Both are symbols. Both form an equilibrium. Above all, both are the universe...

This game is part of a small metaseries for Dissidia Final Fantasy.

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Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Dissidia Final Fantasy Sony PSP 2008-12-18 2009-08-25