Here is a brief list of the cast that is involved with the voices. Thanks to animedaisuki for providing information.



Voice: Kyoko Hikami
Previous Roles: Rabi~en~Rose/ DiGi Charat

Lisa is one of the main stars of the new TV series. She is the heroine in the series, and her main objective is to find Ai's and Yu's parents.



Voice: Nobutosh Canna
Previous Roles: Gatts/Berserk, Gawl/Generator Gawl

From another world, Kaze is the strong Hero of the series. Similiar to a dark ninja (shadow from FFVIj) he has a very strange past and has a lost memory.

Yu Hayakawa


Voice: Yuka Imai
Previous Roles: Jinto/Crest of the Stars

Has lost parents and is in search of them.

Ai Hayakawa

Ai Hayakawa

Voice: Haiko Momoi
Previous Roles: Komugi Nakahara/The Soul Taker

Has also lost parents and is in search of them.

Dr. Hayakawa

Dr Hayakawa

Voice: Takumi Yamazaki
Previous Roles: Scryed

Marie Hayakawa

Marie Hayakawa

Voice: Yuko Minaguchi
Previous Roles: Tales of Eternia