All magic in Ring of Fates uses disposable items called Magicites. These crystalline orbs can be found just all over, or purchased in shops. To cast, simple hold down the X button and move the ring to the target. This will affect anything in range, so you can maximize Cure or Raise spells by moving multiple targets together and casting on all party members. This also works for attacking multiple enemies (but you won't be able to tell them to bunch together).

But there are subtleties to using magic, as well you can also throw or drop Magicites, which will detonate them after a few seconds, like a grenade, and Yukes can spread their effects around with their R-trigger ability. Most importantly, these spells can be stacked to create different effects.

This can also be used defensively. If you stack your spell on an enemy's spell and they form a meaningful combination, the resultant spell will be cast in your favor, and not the enemy's. It's a tricky move, but it can come in quite handy, especially if you know the sorts of spells an enemy favors and have the right magic equipped.

Depending on your class and level, you can stack more of these spells, and in multiplayer, you can use team work to create these effects even at lower levels. Combining spells of the same type will always work (for instance, four fires will create a Firaja spell). There are some spells that can be created by combining multiple types. Each of the following spells has a more powerful variant where the components are doubled.


  • Barrier Fire + Clear
  • Slow Blizzard + Clear
  • Haste Thunder + Clear
  • Gravity Fire + Blizzard + Thunder
  • Holy Cure + Raise + Clear
  • Quake Fire + Thunder + Cure + Clear
  • Bio Fire + Blizzard + Cure + Raise
  • Meteor Blizzard + Thunder + Raise + Clear
  • Ultima Fire + Blizzard + Thunder + Cure + Clear