Game Flow

The player will have to think of the best way to rebuild his town as a king while keeping the needs of the townsfolk in mind. As time passes, the town shows its many faces. Once night comes, Chime will come to take you in for the day, so use your time wisely, and build your town efficiently.

Check the Morning Report
The king begins each day with Chime's morning report. If you read this thoroughly, you will see what you need to do for that day. Following the reports, you can choose to post behests.

Construction of Buildings
Buildings and townsfolk are the cornerstones to rebuilding your kingdom. Keep constructing buildings on empty lots; the bigger your town gets, the greater variety of buildings you can construct.

Missions for Adventurers
Adventurers will gather around a bulletin board when a behest is posted. The king can decide which adventurer is best suited for each behest by viewing their abilities.

Inteact with the Townsfolk
Listen to what your townsfolk have to say from time to time. They may have useful information to aid in rebuilding your kingdom. It may also be interesting to see how the people spend their days.

Your Day Ends at Sundown
The king has a strict bedtime, so you're done for the day when it gets dark. You can also end yoru day early by cummoning Chime and choosing to rest.