The Bearers of the Kingdom's Future
The King can create a behest and have adventurers explore dungeons and undertake dangerous quests and missions for great rewards. An adventurer's level, job, equipment, and personality are key factors in the outcome of assigned behests. Some behests may require adventurers to form parties in order to be successfully completed. In essence, adventurers are the executors of the king's will. Properly training, equipping, and managing these brave wouls are key to the development of the realm.

Job List

A melee combat specialist who stands on the front line and uses powerful weapons to defeat realm's enemies. In addition to swords-the Clavat's weapon of choice-warriors can also wield axes and hammers with devastating results. Their high stamina makes them the ideal protectors of the party's rear line.

White Mage
Away from the castle city, adventurers always face the risk of getting seriously injured in the heat of battle. White mages are the healers who support adventurers both in battle and when exploring. Though white mages are not capable of inflicting massive damage on monsters, they can heal themselves and their allies.

Black Mage
As you carry on with your adventures, you might encounter extraordinary monsters who are rarely affected by weapons. This is when yo ucan use some help from black mages, who strike down the enemy with blazing fire and devastating cold. Black mages can use powerful magic to defeat enemies that a warrior cannot, thus opening up possibilities for new adventurers.

Theives can move very quickly and very gracefully. Their best skill is exploring a dungeon. Thieves have the ability to find the shortest path to treasure hidden in the deepest part of a dungeon without encountering enemies, and open locked treasure chests.