Power Given to the Chosen King

the unparralleled magical power held within the crystal enshrined in the town's courtyard. A building can be constructed upon the land from the builder's memory by using energy called elementite. Those who are tied to these memories will also be summoned to live in the structure created by the this power. Very few possess this power, and only those who have been chosen by the crystal can use this ability. One of the main goals of the game is to use this magical ability to build homes and facilities around the castle and crystal courtyard to create a thriving town.


Elementite is a mysterious energy which can be found in numerous locations such as pathways, plains, dungeons and forests. Adventurers are able to obtain it by defeating monsters. The stronger the monster, the more elementite they possess. Its powers seem to be linked somehow to the monsters' existence. To utilize architek, yo uneed elementite. The larger the building, the more elementite required to construct it. If you do not have enough elementite, you cannot use your architek skill. The little king is unable to retrieve elementite himself, so he must commission adventurers to find it for him. Training adventurers to hunt for elementite is the key to expanding yoru town.

Types of Buildings

  • Small House
  • Training Hall
  • Weapon Shop
  • White Mage Temple
  • Black Mage Academy
  • Inn
  • Emporium
  • Item Shop
  • Guild Hall
  • Fountain Park
  • Gaming Hall
  • Spacious House
  • Bakery