Here is a long list of all the available magic spells in Final Fantasy II.

Here's an explanation for the chart keys. B. means that a spell can be bought in, and F. means that a spell can be found in.

Leveling up in FF2j is different from most occasions. To raise the level of a spell, cast it 100 times in battle. The highest level you can raise a spell is 16.

The As Item column tells what happens when you use a spell book in combat as an item. Note that once you use a spell books can only be used as items once, then are gone.

White Magic

Cure 200 B. Altea, Palm, and Poft Restores your HP Cure8 all allies
Blink 400 B. Palm and Poft Makes it easier for you to dodge Blink8 all allies
Safe 400 B. Palm and Poft Raises defense Safe8 all allies
Shell 400 B. Palm and Poft Raises magic defense Shell8 all allies
Fear 800 B. Bofsk Makes your enemies more likely to run away Fear8 all enemies
Peep 800 B. Bofsk Scares allies Peep8 all allies
Heal 800 B. Bofsk Heals various status ailments depending on the level Heal8 all allies
Mute 800 B. Bofsk Stops enemies from casting spells Mute8 all enemies
Life 1500 B. Salmando Brings you back to life Life8 all allies
Anti 1500 B. Salmando Takes away an enemy's MP Anti8 all enemies
Exit 1500 B. Salmando Warps you out of a dungeon at the cost of some HP when used out of battle Exit8 all enemies
Dispel 3000 B. Phin Reduces the various elemental defenses of enemies depending on the level Dispel8 all enemies
Mini 3000 B. Phin Shrinks a character, lowers attack and defense Mini8 all enemies
Fog 3000 B. Phin Same as Mute but lasts longer Fog8 all enemies
Slow 3000 B. Phin Lowers the number of attacks which can be made Slow8 all enemies
Barrier 8000 B. Mysidia Increases allies' various elemental defenses depending on level Barrier8 all allies
Wall 8000 B. Mysidia Blocks magic Wall8 all allies
Change 8000 B. Mysidia Swaps user's HP/MP with target Change8 all enemies
Holy 20000 B. Mysidia Damages enemy Holy8 all enemies
Ultima 2 F. Mysidia Tower Strongest attack spell Ultima8 all enemies

Black Magic

Charm 10000 Win from enemy fights Confuses enemies Charm6 all enemies
Fire 400 B. Altea Hits for fire damage Fire8 all enemies
Ice 400 B. Altea Hits for ice damage Ice8 all enemies
Bolt 400 B. Altea Hits for bolt damage Bolt8 all enemies
Warp 1500 B. Salmando Warps you one floor closer to the exit of a dungeon when used outside of battle; casts death when used in battle Warp6 all enemies
Curse 8000 F. Dist Castle Lowers enemy's attack power Curse6 all enemies
Stone 8000 F. Dist Castle Paralyzes an enemy Stone6 all enemies
Stop 8000 F. Dist Castle Paralyzes an enemy Stop8 all enemies
Toad 10000 F. Phin Castle Changes enemy into a frog Toad6 all enemies
Break 10000 F. Phin Castle Turns enemy into stone Break6 all enemies
Aura 15000 F. Phin Castle Casts a various aura depending on the level Aura6 on caster
Aero 2000 F. BMask Cave Hits for wind damage Aero8 all enemies
Blind 4000 F. BMask Cave Lowers enemy's hit percentage Blind6 all enemies
Sleep 8000 F. BMask Cave Makes enemies sleep Sleep6 all enemies
Drain 15000 F. Mysidia Cave Drains HP, even beyond how much HP they have Drain8 all enemies
Aspil 15000 F. Mysidia Cave Drains MP, even beyond how much MP they have Aspil8 all enemies
Death 10000 B. Jade Kills enemy automatically Death6 all enemies
Berserk 10000 B. Jade Makes an enemy only attack; raises an ally's attack power Berserk6 on caster
Haste 20000 B. Jade Raises the number of attacks for one person Haste6 all allies
Flare 40000 B. Jade Damages enemy Flare8 all enemies

Magic from items in battle

Abil N/A From ElderIQ or Heart Raises one ability for the duration of the battle N/A
Anti1 N/A From Antidote Cures Poison N/A
Cross N/A From Crucifix Cures Curse N/A
Drink N/A From Bacchus Raises attack for the duration of the battle N/A
Elixir N/A From Elixir Recovers a lot of HP and MP N/A
Ether N/A From Ether Recovers some MP N/A
EyeD N/A From EyeDrop Cures Dark N/A
Glic N/A From Garlic Damages enemies N/A
Hammr N/A From EchoScn or Phin Cures Dumb N/A
Kiss N/A From MaidKiss Cures Frog N/A
Mist N/A From DrgnBean Damages enemies N/A
Needle N/A From G.Needle Cures Stone N/A
Revi N/A From FenixDn Cures Death N/A
Tnad N/A From WindFlut Hits for wind damage N/A
Quake N/A From EarthDrm Hits for earth damage N/A

Magic only enemies can use

Blast N/A N/A Caster dies to damage enemy, used by bomb-type enemies after they have taken damage N/A
Blast N/A N/A Paralyzes enemy, used by Krull N/A
Bow N/A N/A Hits for damage N/A
Breath N/A N/A Turns enemies to stone N/A
Meteo N/A N/A Damages all enemies N/A
Rock N/A N/A Hits for damage N/A
Wave N/A N/A Hits for water damage N/A


N/A N/A Confuses enemies N/A