There are only four main characters in Final Fantasy II, but you will find out that each character is needed to supply a strong and decent fighting party. Final Fantasy II was also the debut of a new status system. There are no more levels; characters progress in ways reflecting their actions in battle. In this fashion, characters are built up. See the differences section for more information about what makes Final Fantasy II unique

Frioniel Frioniel

Frioniel's true history is unknown. He is a resident of the country of Fynn and he was found and adopted at a young age by Leonhart's parents. Frioniel thinks of Leonhart and Maria as his true siblings. However, his foster parents are killed in a battle, and he seeks fierce vengence.

Leonhart Leonhart

Leonhart is Maria's older brother and Frioniel's foster brother. After his parents are murdered during an invansion he flees the town. After an attack with a dark knight, Leonhart dissapears and becomes very strong with the sword.

Maria Maria

Maria is Leonhart's younger sister. She joins the huge fight against the empire, all the while thinking about finding Leonhart. She exels in casting strong magic and fighting with ranged weapons from far away.

Guy Guy

For all of his anger and unique behavior he is known as one of the strongest guys alive. His physical appearence allows him to have a gentle heart and a way to communicate with animals all over the world.

Other Party Members

Ming-Wu: A talented magician in the service of Phin, Ming-Wu is the first person to join your party on your quest to retrieve the Mithril.

Josef: The mayor of Salamando, Josef is very familiar with his surroundings. He hates the empire and would gladly help you crush them, but unfortunately his daughter Nelly has been captured by the Empire.

Gordon: The Prince of Kashuon and Scott's younger brother, Gordon is a coward who does not believe in his abilities. Perhaps he will be given a chance to prove his worth one day.

Raila: A pirate who beguiles travelers into thinking she is a ferryman, Raila is a good friend and loyal to her allies.

Richard: The last surviving Dragoon of Dist, Richard set out to find the spell Ultima and crush the Empire.

Leonheart: Frioniel's friend and Maria's brother, Leonheart wasn't found after your party was ambushed while escaping Phin. Much later in the game, he returns to aid you in the final battle.


Hilda: The Princess of Phin, Hilda took over the Rebellion after the King was mortally wounded during the Rebel's flight from Phin. She usually provides you with information for your next quest.

The King: The King of Phin stood up to the Emperor by organizing a Rebellion. The Rebels were betrayed and Phin was lost, and during the Empire's attack on Phin the King was mortally injured. He still can give your party Valuable information on what your next task is.

Scott: The Prince of Kashuon and Hilda's fiance, Scott was also injured when the Empire attacked Phin but was unable to escape. Rumor has it that he's still hiding in Phin.

Tobul: The Rebellion's blacksmith, Tobul is greatly skilled. He can make you great weapons and armor provided he has the Mithril.

Cid: The Captain of Phin's White Knights, Cid is also a greatly skilled engineer. He manufactured an Airship, which he now sells charter flights for.

Paul: A master thief who only steals for the Empire. He always returns favors, so if you help him he'll help you.

Nelly: Josef's daughter.

Beaver Chieftain: He helps you find the Goddess Bell.

Elina: The husband of Richard's best friend, she and her son were the only survivors of the Empire's attack on Dist. She'll give you information on your quest to find the Hiryuu.