Side Quests

Patient in the Desert
This event is available after the close of the new Consul Inauguration Ceremony for Lord Vayne. You won't be able to complete it until you receive the Dawn Shard though. You must complete the Desert Bloom hunt to begin this event. After you obtain your reward, Dantro will ask you to send a flower to his wife in the village to the north. After she gives you a series of errands to run for her, you will eventually get the Barheim Key.

Jovy the Hero
This event is available after the Consul Inauguration Ceremony for Lord Vayne, but you can't complete it until you visit Draklor Laboratory. Complete all 5 hunts from the petitioners in Nalbina Fortress, after completing these hunts find Jovy (the seeq) in the town's west ward. Talk to him and he will give you an Elixer and a Knot of Rust.

Ktjn's Road to Improvement
This will take place after you return to Rabanastre from the Barheim Passage. Ktjn (a Viera) is sitting mid-way on the stairway leading to the northern part of the city. She will ask you a series of questions that depending on your answers you will be able to obtain some pretty good items.

The Seven Sisters
This is available after escaping Barheim Passage and returning to Rabanastre. You can not complete it until after you visit Draklor Laboratory. Speak to the Chief Steward while traveling between cities by way of the Leisure Craft. She asks you to deliver a letter to each of her sisters. You must travel to different Aerodomes and talk to the different chief stewards to complete this task. Afterwards, you will be rewarded with a Ring of Renewal.

Pilika's Errand
This event is available after the party gets attacked by Ba'Gamnan in the Lihusu Mines, so you must complete the Cry of its Power hunt first. If you talk to her again afterwards, she has lost her diary and asks you to go retrieve it for her from the Technicks store in town... She will then reward the party with a Merchant's Armband

Cactaur Family
You can start this event after completing the Dalmasca's Desert Bloom hunt and delivering the Cactus flower to Dantro's wife in the South Bank Village. The village elder asks you to go check on the boy in the North Bank Village to ensure he is safe. You find that the boy is missing and appear back in the South Bank Village. Speak to Dantro's wife about the Cactus Flower, then check behind her hut to find a flower. Give this flower back to Dran and your party will be rewarded with 1000 gil a Wyrmfire Shot. This will also make the ferry come in service again.