As a member of the Clan Centurio, you can take on hunts to earn extra gil, experience, and rare items. These hunts are a very important part of this game. They help unfold some key side events throughout the game and even set the stage for finding certain optional bosses and Espers.

Finding hunts is very easy, just go to your local tavern and check out the Notice Board. New bills are posted all the time from people in need of a hunter's service. Agree to speak to the petitioner and add the hunt to the Clan Primer.

Finding the hunt is just the first step. You must then seek out the petitioner to learn more about the hunt and accept the job. Petitioners can be located anywhere but are usually in large areas, so it they are not too hard to find. Agree to take the hunt upon meeting the petitioner and more information is shared. Remember that marks (the target of the hunt) won't appear until the hunt is actually accepted. After you defeat your mark, it is time to claim your reward! Return back to the petitioner to report the mark's defeat. The petitioner provides a reward and may even have an extra bit of information that leads to another event in the game.

Regular Hunts

# Hunt Mark Classification Rank HP Reward
1 Red & Rotten in the Desert Rogue Tomato Deadly Nightshade I 134 300 Gil, Potion x 2, Teleport Stone
2 Wolf in the Waste Thextera Mutant Wolf I 380 500 Gil, Headguard, Teleport Stone
3 Dalmesca's Desert Bloom Flowering Cactoid Rare Cactoid I 755 500 Gil, Potion x 10
4 Waterway Haunting Wraith Ghost I 5146 500 Gil, Ether, Gauntlets
5 Marauder in the Mines Nidhogg Blue Basilisk I 6079 600 Gil, Rose Corsage, Balaclava
6 Lost in the Pudding White Mousse Mutant Flan V 69469 2800 Gil, Yoichi Bow
7 For Whom the Wyrm Tolls Ring Wyrm Lesser Dragon III 128648 200 Gil, Moon Ring, Icebrand
8 A Scream from the Sky Wyvern Lord Greater Wyvern II 18669 1000 Gil, Longbow, Shell Shield
9 Tingling Toast Marilith Crimson Serpent V 54921 2200 Gil, Serpent Eye, Telesport Stone
10 The Defense of Ozmone Plain Enkelados Slaven II 18709 1100 Gil, Ether, Golden Amulet
11 A Ring in the Rain Croakadile Mutant Lizard II 19449 1200 Gil, Serpent Rod, Teleport Stone
12 The Dead Ought Sleep Forever Ixtab Undead II 22562 1300 Gil, Ether, Soul Powder
13 Befoulment of the Beast Feral Retriever Coeurl III 22559 1500 Gil, Recursive Crossbow, Teleport Stone
14 A Chase Through the Woods Vorpal Bunny Mutant Hare III 20010 2000 Gil, Lightning Arrows, Gillie Boots
15 The Mine Flayer Mindflayer Mindflayer IV 31161 2200 Gil, Carmagnole
16 The Deserter's Revenge Bloodwing Mutant Steerling V 41171 2400 Gil, Stun Bombs, Vampyr Fant
17 Trouble in the Hilss Atomos Mutant Slaven III 40020 1800 Gil, Gaia Rod, Diamond Shield
18 Adding Insult to Injury Roblon Augmented Automation VI 177365 3100 Gil, Giant's Helmet, Mythril
19 Rodeo to the Death Braegh Mutant Nightmare IV 43283 1700 Gil, Obelisk, Hi-Ether
20 Shelled Obstruction Darksteel Titanoise IV 111331 3000 Gil, Lead Bolts, Adamanite
21 Get My Stuff Back! Vyraal Aevis V 106616 3500 Gil, Halberd, Crystal Shield
22 Old Legends, Decaying Bonds Lindwyrm Dragon V 228468 4200 Gil, Barrel Coat, Hi-Ether
23 The Things We Do... Overlord Headless VI 64325 3500 Gil, Hi-Ether x 2, Teleport Stone
24 The Creature Collector Goliath Augmented Automation VI 224294 3600 Gil, Save the Queen, Einherjarium
25 Dead City Watch Deathscythe Greater Undead VI 125601 2800 Gil, Hi-Ether x 2, Soul of Thamasa
26 Visitor on Deck Deathgaze Rare Mutant Aevis VII 184000 3400 Gil, Elixir x 2
27 The Child Snatcher Diablos Mutant Gargoyle VII 93551 2600 Gil, Demon Shield, Zeus Mace
28 The Black Sorcerer Piscodaemon ??? V 49660 3800 Gil, Dark Shot, Scathe Mote
29 A Wild Stench Wild Malboro Malboro VI 110842 4600 Gil, Euclid's Sextant
30 Paying for the Past Catoblepas Behemoth VI 187991 3200 Gil, Volcano, Arctic Wind
31 Wyrm Wrath's Renewal Fafnir ??? VII 1390378 7000 Gil, Assassin's Arrows, Teleport Stone
32 Who's the Strongest? Pylraster Greater Tyrant VII 493513 8000 Gil, Grand Mace, Scathe Mote x 2

Elite Marks

# Hunt Mark Classification Rank HP Reward
33 Little Love in the Big Plains Cluckatrice ??? I 7509 1000 Gil, Jackboots, Rainbow Egg
34 The Cry of its Power Rocktoise ??? I 17548 1200 Gil, Hi-Potion x 2, Heavy Coat
35 Crime and Punishment Orthos ??? V 87141 3800 Gil, Horakhty's Flame, Unpurified Ether
36 Paradise Risen Gil Snapper ??? III 86956 3000 Gil, Phobos Glaze
37 Paramina Run Trickster ??? V 61321 4800 Gil, Deimos Clay
38 Antlion Infestation Antlion ??? V 106499 4300 Gil, Bubble Belt, Sickle-Blade
39 Carrot Stalk Carrot ??? VII 110842 5200 Gil, Stink Bombs, Putrid Liquid
40 Battle on the Big Bridge Ancient Man of Mystery ??? VI 123103 10000 Gil, Masamune
41 A Dark Rumor Belito ??? V 115659 5100 Gil, Megalixer
42 Truth Shrouded in Mist Behemoth King ??? VII 1668491 250 Gil, Bacchus's Wine (Extra: 500,000 Gil, Rod of Faith)
43 Fishy Dreams Ixion ??? VII 306559 3000 Gil, Sapping Bolts, Ragnorak
44 God or Devil? The Seer ??? VI 278078 20000 Gil, Megalixer x 2
45 Farewell to a Legend Yiazmat ??? VIII 50112254 30000 Gil, Godslayer's Badge

Clan Ranks

Members of the clan receive a rank (see below), you can view your current rank anytime via the Clan Primer. Ranks are earned by points earned and how many hunts you have completed. You can receive points for every monster you defeat, completed hunt, and every esper you acquire. Each new rank always come with some new rewards, just be sure to visit Montblac often.

Rank Points Marks Rewards
Moppet 0 0 Potion x 3
Hedge Knight 700 2 Warp Mote x 2, Teleport Stone x 2
Rear Guard 8000 4 Remedy x 3, Teleport Stone x 2
Vanguard 20000 8 Hi-Potion x 3, Telepot Stone x 2
Headhunter 30000 10 Ether x 2, Teleport Stone x 2
Ward of Justice 40000 12 X-Potion x 2, Teleport Stone x 2
Brave Companion 100000 14 Hi-Ether x 2, Teleport Stone x 3
Riskbreaker 200000 16 Elixer x 2, Teleport Stone x 3
Paragon of Justice 250000 24 High Arcana, Teleport Stone x 3
High Guardian 28 300000 Empyreal Soul, Teleport Stone x 3
Knight of the Round 500000 32 Megalixer x 2, Teleport Stone x 3
Order of Ambrosia 1000000 45 Centurio Hero's Badge, Teleport Stone x 3