License System

Character development in Final Fantasy XII is based largely on the acquisition of "Licenses". Licenses are required to equip weapons and armor, learn magicks and technicks, and enhance a character's abilities.

In addition to enabling a character to equip various items or cast potent magicks, there are also licenses to boost maximum, HP or increase a character's number of gambits. Licenses can be obtained on the "license board"; however, the layout of the board is the same for all characters.

Simply obtaining a license for a magick or technick does not automatically allow a character to use that ability. Before it can be used, the corresponding magick or technick must be purchased or found. Once you have acquired a magick or technick, any of your characters with the proper license will be able to use it. Licenses for ability enhancements doe not require any items and are effective immediately after being obtained.

License Board Layout

FFXII License Board

The license board is loosely divided into six different areas:

  • 1.) Magicks
  • 2.) Accessories
  • 3.) Augments
  • 4.) Technicks
  • 5.) Armor
  • 6.) Weapons

If you wish to make a character skilled in magick, it would be wise to allot most points to licenses in category 1. On the other hand, if you prefer a character who excels in physical attacks, it would be better to focus on obtaining licenses in category 6.