Secrets and Side Quests

Lightning Dodger

In the Thunder Plains, the lightning never stops. By pressing 'X' when the screen flashes, you can dodge the lightning. If you dodge the lightning a number of times in a row, you are rewarded with certain items. The items appear in a treasure chest outside the Travel Agency. For example, the Venus Sigil, which is required to unlock Lulu's legendary weapon, is gained by dodging lightning 200 consecutive times.

Butterfly Catcher

In Macalania Woods, you encounter a creature who explains the butterfly catcher mini-game. To begin the game, move toward the closest butterfly. You have to chase down seven blue butterflies before time runs out. Avoid the red butterflies bcause they'll call powerful fiends and remove 1 second from the remaining time. If you catch all seven blue butterflies before time runs out, a new treasure chest appears.

Secret Locations

After you've defeated Yunalesca at the Yevon Dome in Zanarkand and aqquired the airship, search for these locations by using the coordinate system.

Location How to Unlock
Baaj Temple X=11-16, Y=57-63
Sanubia Sands X=12-16, Y=41-45
Omega Ruins X=69-75, Y=33,38
Besaid Falls X=29-32, Y= 73-76
Mi'hen Ruins X=33-36, Y= 55-60
Battle Site X=39-47, Y=56-60

Airship Passwords

In addition to finding secret locations with the coordinate system. There are also locations that are accessible by using the "Input" feature found in the airship. You can find these passwords by deciphering Al Bhed messages left in specific locations around Spira. Note that all of the passwords are case-sensitive.

What You Get How to Unlock
Rikku's final weapon GODHAND Input the password GODHAND in all caps
Rikku's best armor Input the password VICTORIOUS in all caps
Auron's final weapon, Murasame Input the password MURASAME in all caps

Al Bhed Primers

Without the help of the hidden Al Bhed Primers understanding the Al Bhed would be an impossibility. Although the primers are not needed to complete your journey, it sure is a great sub-quest to endure.

Volume Al Bhed to English Where to find it
I Y > A The Crane in the back of the Al Bhed Ship.
II P > B In the Crusaders tent on the left in Besaid.
III L >C On Bikanel Island, in the tent by oasis.
IV T > D In Kilika, in the pub by the guy.
V A >E In the wheelhouse, on the boat to Luca.
VI V >F In the Luca Stadium, the chest in the opposite locker room.
VII K > G In the Luca sphere theater.
VIII R > H In the Djose Highroad Shop, a guy name Rin gives it to you.
IX E > I On the north part of the Mi 'Hihen Highroad.
X Z > J Mushroom Rock Valley on the circular path.
XI G > K When your on the Djose Highroad.
XII M > L On a platform by the shoopuf, in Moonflow.
XIII S > M In Guado Salam, the house with the chest that contains 3,000 Gil.
XIV H > N In the hotel at the Thunder Plains.
XV U > O Along the road at Macalania.
XVI B > P Outside the Al Bhed shop close to Macalania.
XVII X > Q In the Sanubia Desert.
XVIII N > R At the top right of the Sanubia Desert.
XIX C > S To the West close to the Al Bhed Home.
XX D > T In the Al Bhed Home, close to where they live.
XXI I > U In the hallway, in the Al Bhed Home.
XXII J > V In the Temple of Bevelle after the wedding.
XXIII F > W In the far bottem left corner in the Calm Lands.
XXIV Q > X At the Remiem Temple.
XXV O > Y Up the center and left at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
XXVI W > Z In the Omega Ruins.