An Aeon is a summoned beast. But Unlike other Final Fantasys once the creature is summoned, it can be used like a normal character. Each Aeon has unique abilities and attacks as well as distinct fighting styles.


A large winged creature that's great at avoiding ground-based attacks. He is the first aeon Yuna receives on her quest to be High Summoner.

Special Attack: Sonic Wings - Damage and Delay Enemy
Overdrive: Energy Ray & Energy Blast
Exceed Max Damage: Find Yuna's ultimate weapons, the Nirvana
Location: Besaid Island


A great fire beast. Ifrit has been seen in many of the past Final Fantasys. His strong physical and fire damage is a great combo.

Special Attack: Meteor Strike
Overdrive: Hellfire
Exceed Max Damage: Find Wakka's final weapon, World Champion
Location: Kilika Island


The queen of ice is always found in popular FF games. Shiva's strong ice element attacks and physical damage make her a great Aeon.

Special Attack: Heavenly Strike - Attack and Delay Enemy Turn.
Overdrive: Diamond Dust
Exceed Max Damage: Find Lulu's final weapons, Onion Knight
Location: Macalania Temple


A strong lightning unicorn beast. Uses strong lightning elemental attacks.

Special Attack: Aerospark - Attack and negates spell effects.
Overdrive: Thor's Hammer
Exceed Max Damage: Find Kimahri's final weapons, Spirit Lance.
Location: Temple of Yevon-Djose


A strong fire dragon. Bahamut has always proven to be among the strongest of aeons, guardian forces, or espers. His high physical damage and fire attacks are always a good choice.

Special Attack: Impulse - Attack all enemies.
Overdrive: Mega Flare
Exceed Max Damage: Bahamut can exceed max damage automatically.
Location: Bevelle


You must Finish Trials in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and then defeat Yojimbo in order to have him join your party.

Special Attacks:
Daigoro: Yojimbo's dog attacks the opponent.
Kozuka: The throwing of a knife.
Wakizashi: A giant slash of the sword.
Zanmato: The infamous "head chop-off" move.
Exceed Max Damage: Find Auron's final weapon, Masamune
Location: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth


Anima can be obtained by going to Baaj temple. Anima is used by Seymour in several encounters with him.

Special Attack: Pain - High chance of instant death.
Overdrive: Oblivion
Exceed Max Damage: Anima can exceed max damage automatically.
Location: Baaj Temple

The Magus Sisters

In order to get the Magus Sisters, you must first have the airship. Once you reach the Calm Lands, get a chocobo, head back to the ledge that leads to the Macalania Woods. They have one of the most ellaborate overdrives that deals a massive amount of damage.

Special Attack: Pain - High chance of instant death.
Overdrive: Delta Attack
Exceed Max Damage: The sisters can exceed max damage automatically.
Location: Remiem Temple