Final Fantasy Dimensions has a series of "episodes" one can purchase; each telling a unique story and set of characters.


Introduction - Free
In the humble border kingdom of Lux, Sol, his erstwhile companion Glaive, and their long time friend Diana anxiously await the return of Aigis, Diana's older brother. Upon his return, Aigis is directed by the king to examine disturbances that have been occuring with the Crystal. On their way to Crystal Temple, they meet Elgo, a wandering prophet. What is going on with the Crystal, and what will become of our companions...


Episode 1 - $2.99
In an age long past, the world was suffocating under the crushing grip of war. Only the efforts of the idealistic Avalonian Empire were enough to bring the warm embrace of peace to the land and lead it toward a new age of prosperity. Fate itself brought together those whose lives were filled with hope and those whose duty sent them from the harsh north. As they locked eyes, the Crystal shed forth an immense light that filled the land, drowning everything in silence. And then, the world was sundered into light and darkness.

Dark Knight

The Generals Approach

Episode 2 - $9.99

The Dragoon
After the airship comes crashing to the ground, Sol and his companions find themselves on the continent far to the west of Lux. Having traversed through a dangerous cave, they find themselves in Deist, a town that was home to the dragoons until the age of airships began. Yet the order of Dragoons has long been extinct, and the dragons themselves have abandoned humanity, shutting themselves away from the world in their hidden mount abodes.

The Ranger
Our remaining foru warriors, caught up in the blast at Crystal Temple, lucked out in finding an bandoned ship in the midst of the chaos that unraveled the world. Setting sail, they find themselves in the great easter continent, where Yggdrasil, the World Tree, stands proudly overlooking the elven kingdom below. As they head toward Alfheim, the unnavigable twists and turns of Mazewood threaten the advance of our downtrodden heroes.

The Bard
Having said their goodbyes to Barbara, the Warriors of Light make their way to yet another land--the small fishing village of Capo, where they force a gang of brine-battered pirates to reopen the port so the team can head toward the dazzling town of Rusalka. What they hear there are rumors of an evil witch haunting the town and the soft echoes of a strange voice on the docks at night.

The Dark Knight
Nacht and his companions part ways with the elves, and take wing toward a new continent, hoping to gain the steadfast dwarves as allies. On their way through the apt-named Umberwood, they encounter a dark knight with a blood stained blade in hand.

The Knight

Warriors of Light and Darkness

Episode 3 - $9.99

The Memorist
The Warriors of Light make their way to Fabrica, giving chase to an imperial airship. yet the imperial soldiers are there in force on the groudn as well, searchign for... something. Sol and Sarah, who have parted with the other two so the group could avoid detection, find a strange humanoid life form along the way.

The Dancer
In a further bid to acquire allies against the Empire, the Warriors of Darkness head to Kaklim to gain the aid of an underground resistance known as the Desert Moon. Having traversed a scorching desert, they arrive in Gardenia, a paradise town unshackled from the laws of any kingdom.

The Knight
Sol and his companions, having escaped the Heliogabalus by the skin of their teeth, visit the port town of Berth. There they hear sordid tales of the fate of Burtgang, which once ruled over the world. Through a chance meeting with a hopeless drunk, they decide to find out more about the situation-but then Sarah vanishes.

The Ninja
The Warriors of Darkness say their goodbyes to Matoya and, with the lights of Gardenia at their backs, depart by ship to a far away land, where they hope to meet up with a clan of warriors called the Fuga. They reach a small village, where a first glance everything is peaceful-but things are not always as they appear. A black shadow hangs over the warriors as they progress in their journey...


Episode 4 - $9.99

Dusk guides the Warriors of Light high above the clouds to floating city of Mysidia, a place where magic rules over all. But with the Heliogabuls in hot persuit, the Warriors are unable to get a moment's respite, as the Battle of Mysidia threatens to send the island crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, the Warriors of Darkness make haste to the runs of Lufenia, hoping to unseal the Ultimage Magic. yet with the Mask in tow, will their quest end in victory or defeat?