The characters in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII are from the Turks, a gang that works for Shinra in the main Final Fantasy VII game. None of the characters were given official names, so they are named by their weapon of choice and gender.


Rod (Male)

Rod gets his name from his favorite weapon, the Electro-Mag. He is was taken in by the Turks when they caught him trying to steal from the Shinra Electric Power Company.

A skilled Motorcycle rider
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Electro-Mag Rod


Gun (Female)

Recruited from longtime member Tseng, Gun graduated from Shinra military academy with extraordinary grades. She has the eye of a hawk and doesn't like to joke around.

A true professional
Sex: Female
Weapon of Choice: Gun

Two Guns

Two Guns (Male)

Two Guns was a former bodyguard to the infamous Don Corneo. Raised in the slums, he quickly took the opportunity to join the Turks.

By the time you look into my guns, you are already dead
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Twin Guns


Shotgun (Female)

A wealthy, out of her mind women that can't get enough action. With her melodramatic attitude and behavior keeps the rest of the gang on their toes.

A hunter since childhood
Sex: Female
Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Martial Arts

Martial Arts (Male)

An ex-detective from Costa del Sol that was great at his work, however, when he had to quit the police from allowing his emotions to cloud his investigations - he decided to join the Turks.

A hot-headed romantic killer
Sex: Female
Weapon of Choice: Martial Arts


Katana (Male)

A longterm member of the Turks he definitely has an eye for beauty. He is a swordsman from Gongaga and joined the Turks as a condition to get out of jail early from a mass murder he was rumoured to have done.

Has the and sword for beauty
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Katana Murasame