Final Fantasy Record Keeper is another free-to-play mobile RPG game published by Square Enix and developed by DeNA for the Android and Apple iOS devices. It was released in Japan on September 24, 2014 and then worldwide on March 26, 2015. The game features characters, locations, enemies and much more from the entire Final Fantasy franchise.

The game receives weekly updates with new dungeons from specific Final Fantasy games, allowing players to unlock characters, abilities, relics and special cosmetic costumes.

It received mostly average to positive reviews from critics with many stating the nostalgia is the biggest plus, while the lack of story and customizations may let players thirst for more and not come back. Regardless, the game has been downloaded over 10 million times since its release.


There was a kingdom. Its glory was measured in magic and art and above all else, stories. The record keepers preserved these stories, using powerful magic to bind them in paintings of great beauty: "The Battle at the Big Bridge", "The Northern Cave", "Zanarkand"... All these records of heroes past were kept safe within the Royal Archives until one day....

All Releases

Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy Record Keeper Apple iOS 2014-09-24 2015-03-26
Final Fantasy Record Keeper Android 2014-09-24 2015-03-26