Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a creative Final Fantasy rhythm game for the Nintendo 3DS. There is a wide array of playable characters from the entire Final Fantasy series. The player must 'tap' the screen in sync with various music pieces from the series, as well. Music pieces include several tracks from nearly every major Final Fantasy title. Square Enix published the game and Indies Zero developed it.

Overall, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was received well and considered a fun and innovative game. The game is both challenging and rewarding enough to have all gamers, especially Final Fantasy fans, to keep coming back to play. The game received a 36/40 from famous Japanese game review magazine, Famitsu.

This title is part of a small rhythm-RPG series of Square Enix games.

All Releases

Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Nintendo 3DS 2012-02-16 2012-07-03
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Apple iOS 2012-12-13 2012-12-13