New Modes

Versus Mode

Head to head battle either with local players or via the Nintendo Network. Player with the most points wins. When the song ends, the winner will receive Two CollectaCards and advance in the ranking (in ranked battles), while the loser only gets one consolation CollectaCard. No matter what happens though, both players ProfiCards will be exchanged, allowing you to pick up the other player’s Chaos Map!

During versus mode players can fill their EX Burst Gauge to unleash a random EX Burst on opponent. Random bursts include one of nine deadly status ailments that will negatively affect their ability to play. EX Bursts include:

  • Zooming Triggers: Triggers become small, but grow larger again as they approach your Marks.
  • Super Speed: Triggers will flow across the screen very rapidly.
  • Random Speed: Triggers will move toward your Marks at different speeds in each lane.
  • HP Swap: Your remaining HP is swapped with your opponent’s. This one can be a game changer, no matter which side uses it.
  • Mystery Triggers: Triggers will be hidden by a question mark until just before they reach your Mark.
  • Wave Speed: Triggers will slide toward marks in unpredictable, wave-like patterns.
  • Chain Attack: You’ll deal damage to your opponent equal to the number of hits in your current chain.
  • Monster Buff: Your opponent’s monster will become stronger and cause Slide Triggers to rotate.
  • Judgment: One of the worst! Scoring anything but a CRITICAL will count as a BAD, and each BAD or MISS will detract from your point total.

Quest Medley Mode

Single player mode where you build a party and quest across different 'Chaos Maps' filled with different caves, fields and dungeons. Each of these individual 'Chaos Maps' vary in length and difficulty. The health of your party is NOT replinish after each battle, so players must plan accordingly, bring a balanced party and keep a stock inventory. The map is considered complete once the player defeats the map's final boss.

After completing each Chaos Map the player will receive the map's listed rewards and may get a rare item from the boss. Players will also receive the Chaos Map ProfiCard that can be shared in Versus Mode via StreetPass.

CollectaCard Crystarium

Players can use the CollectaCards (earned from either the end of songs or through Versus Mode), to power up the stats of their characters to make them even stronger.

  • Choose 8 CollectaCards to attempt to boost your character's parameters. The more rare the card, the better the boost.
  • If the boost is successful, your parameters will increase. A Critical boost will add even more of a bonus, but it's also possible that the boost will fail and you’ll lose the card.
  • Try to increase the success rate by getting bonuses from "sets".