Final Fantasy Adventure was originally a gaiden, or side story, to Final Fantasy. Subsequently became its own independent series, Seiken Densetsu, in Japan. Later releases of games in the series were released in the USA under the Mana series. The game is similar to the Legend of Zelda games with rpg elements. Final Fantasy Adventure along with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest were the first Final Fantasy games to be released in Europe.

Final Fantasy Adventure was very well received as being a 'must have' for the Gameboy. It provided a lot of gameplay, mini puzzles, and integrated role-playing well with an action/adventure game. The game was later re-released on a couple of mobile phone platforms in Japan due to its cult like status.


The Tree of Mana feeds all life, and all life feeds the Tree of Mana. It grows high on top of Mt. Illusia, in a sacred shrine sealed by the waterfall and a magical pendant. Legend has it that the person that touches it will gain the ultimate power. Emperor Vandole sought that power and won it, but was defeated by the Gemma Knights, who joined forces with the Mana Family to defeat him...

Final Fantasy Adventure has been remade several times for modern hand held consoles, however, with the change came new names for the title:

Game Releases

Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy Adventure Game Boy 1991-06-08 1991-11-01
Final Fantasy Adventure Re-release Game Boy Color 1998-04-15
Sword of Mana (Final Fantasy Adventure Remake) Game Boy Advance 2003-08-29 2003-12-01
Final Fantasy Adventure Mobile Phone (SoftBank) 2006-08-16
Final Fantasy Adventure Mobile Phone (i-mode) 2006-11-06
Final Fantasy Adventure Mobile Phone (EZWeb) 2007-02-05
Final Fantasy Adventure Mobile Phone (EZWeb) 2007-02-05
Adventures of Mana Android, Apple iOS 2016-02-04 2016-02-04
Adventures of Mana PS Vita 2016-02-04 2016-06-28