Taru Taru

Race: Taru Taru

Home Nation: Federation of Windurst (minority population)

Strengths: Highest MP and Intelligence of Any Race

Weaknesses: Lowest HP and Strength of any race; Below Average Vitality and Mind

Detailed Information

The Taru Taru are a race of small, childlike people that are the literal embodiment of the word "cute". A full grown Taru Taru stands just below waist level of a Hume or Mithra, to mid thigh on an Elvaan and approximately to the knee of a Taru Taru. As male and female Taru Taru are plentiful, they have no restriction on gender choice.

Taru Taru are a race with outstanding magic potential. Taru Taru Mages (Black, White and Red) have higher MP (Mana Points) than Mages of any other starting races. Because of their high Intelligence, Taru Taru make superb Black Mages, excellent White Mages (they have an average Mind score, but lots of MP to cast spells with) and solid Red Mages. If you want to play the race that is the master of magic, the obvious choice is Taru Taru.

That being said, Taru Taru are physically weak with low HP. Taru Taru can still choose to be Warriors, Monks and Thieves - they will just have a harder time than other races at these jobs. Taru Taru also make excellent Summoners (an extra job that can be switched to upon attaining higher levels).

One thing to keep in mind is that when played from first person view, Taru Taru have a noticeably lower vision height than other races. Expect to see a lot of kneecaps and belt buckles.

The "preferred" home region of the Taru Taru is the Federation of Windurst. If your Taru Taru chooses to start in the Federation of Windurst, they will begin play with a status-up ring (+3 MP, +1 Agility, +1 Intelligence).

Jobs and Starting Statistics

Remember that you can (and probably will) switch jobs many times while your character advances. The thing that remains constant is your choice of race. It is therefore important to consider the basic fundamentals of your race choice.

Final Fantasy XI does not let you assign ability scores upon character creation. Instead, ability scores are modified by your choice of main job and sub job (if you switch either your main or sub job, it will alter your core statistics based on the levels of your skills in that job). As your job level increases, so do your ability scores.