Since Final Fantasy XI is online, most of the communication between other players is done by typing messsages and commands into the keyboard. The keyboard is NOT needed to play the game but is highly recommended because it will make your experience of the game much better and easier.

(pos) tells your position on the map
(me) putting that in a sentence will replace it with me, or when you macro something you could set it so its goes to you
(t) same as yet this time is the target you have selected
(st) This allows you to select your target without having to disengage the enemy your fighting
(p1)-(p6) each one of these will target a player from your party, so you can use a spell or something on them very fast

/fish - lets you fish as long as you can
/playtime - tells you your playtime
/clock - ingame and your time
/attack - attack command
/ma - magic command, needs the spell name folliwng it
/shoot - long range attack command, can be used quickly by using ctrl+d
/help - Lets someone help you in a battle even if they are not in your party
/sea all - searches through all of the players and tells you the number of people on your server at the moment
/sea [player name] - will search for a person in your area
/sea all [player name] - will search all of vana diel for that person
/sea invite - will search for a person with a PT invite sign in your area
/sea all invite - will search all of vana'diel for people with the PT invite sign up
/sea anon - will search your area for all the people who hide their information
/sea all anon - will search all of Vana'diel for people who have hidden their information
/see #-# - this will search a range of levels
/see class - will search for a certain class
/see race - search for a certain race
/see country - search for people from certain countries
/see linkshell - search for everyone in your LS
/see friends - search thru your friends list
Tab key - hit this when the chat bar his open. This is the bar that will be translated from jp to eng, and eng to jp. a list of about 35 categories of phrases, commands, everything you need.

Emotes and Communication

There are several different ways to communicate, both with your party and others in the game world. Players can use commands like Tell, Say, Shout, and Link Shell.

  • Tell- Target a single character to talk with. The character must be visible to use this command.
  • Say- Converse with all characters in your nearby area in a conversational voice.
  • Shout- Raise your voice to be heard from farther away.
  • Link Shell- Used to communicate with characters far away, similar to a telephone conversation.
  • Party- Used to communicate with party members without being heard by others.

As in real life, Final Fantasy XI will allow players to convey their thoughts and feelings through specific gestures. Using the / key with certain terms will allow you to perform various gestures, such as laugh, bow, wave, clap, etc.

The following list is known commands for your characters:

/bow: Bow to another character .
/point: Point at another character
/salute: Give a military style salute
/smile: Don't worry, be happy.
/surprised: Express shock
/amaze: Express awe
/stare: Give someone the 'evil eye'
/blush: Express embarrassment
/kneel: Bow down
/laugh: Express amusement.
/cry: Express sorrow
/no: Shake your head.
/nod, /yes: Agree.
/panic: Express panic
/grin: Tight-lipped smile
/dance: Get down with your bad self
/think: Express contemplation
/wave: Wave hello
/farewell, /goodbye: Wave goodbye
/welcome: Greet someone
/joy: Express happiness
/cheer: Cheer someone on
/clap: Applaud
/praise: Give credit
/angry: Express displeasure
/disgusted, /upset: Express serious displeasure
/muted: Keep to yourself
/doze: Take a nap
/fume: Keep your anger to yourself
/doubt: Express doubt
/sulk: Be a poor sport
/poke: Jab someone with your finger
/slap: Pick a fight
/stagger: Stagger around
/sigh: Show sadness
/comfort: Reassure someone