Race: Mithra

Home Nation: Federation of Windurst (minority population)

Strengths: High Base Agility and Dexterity

Weaknesses: Low Base Charisma, Average Strength

More Information

Mithra are a humanoid cat people - they have cat-like ears and a tail that is always swinging. Due to the small number of male Mithra in existence, players may only choose to play female Mithra.

Mithra are characterized by high speed and superb reflexes; they are good at magic and close combat. Although their Strength is fairly low, they hit often in melee combat (because of their high Dexterity) and dodge well (because of their high Agility).

This combination of Dexterity and Agility makes Mithra an ideal candidate for the Thief job. They also make decent Warriors, Monks and Mages. Because of their low Charisma, Mithra are not suited to the Bard and The Beast Master jobs (extra jobs that can be switched to upon attaining higher levels).

Mithra have the ability to eat some foods (fish) that other races can not eat.

The "preferred" home region of the Mithra is the Federation of Windurst. If your Mithra chooses to start in the Federation of Windurst, they will begin play with a status-up ring (+3 MP, +1 AGI, +1 INT).

Jobs and Starting Statistics

Remember that you can (and probably will) switch jobs many times while your character advances. The thing that remains constant is your choice of race. It is therefore important to consider the basic fundamentals of your race choice.

Final Fantasy XI does not let you assign ability scores upon character creation. Instead, ability scores are modified by your choice of main job and sub job (if you switch either your main or sub job, it will alter your core statistics based on the levels of your skills in that job). As your job level increases, so do your ability scores.