Race: Hume

Home Nation: Republic of Bastok (majority population)

Strengths: Average Stats across all areas. Best race for trying out any job without negative consquences.

Weaknesses: No weakness, a jack of all trades only weakness is that they are not strong in on area.

Detailed Information

Hume are humans, similar to humans from other fantasy games and to the humans in our world. They are taller than some races and shorter than others, with ability scores that are better than some and worse than others. As male and female Humes are plentiful, Humes have no restriction on gender choice.

Humes are characterized by balance - they have balanced ability scores and can be competent at every job. This is both a blessing and a curse - it means that no matter what job a Hume chooses, they will be able to do do it reasonably well. It also means, however, that they will never be as specialized in their job as a race that chooses to play a job especially suited to it.

Humes are the best race to choose if you are unsure what job you wish to pursue or if you think that you will be switching between jobs a lot. They are a very good race to choose for your first character, you may wish to make another character later in your Final Fantasy XI game life more specialized to a particular career.

The "preferred" home region of the Humes is the Federation of Windurst. If your Hume chooses to start in the Republic of Bastok, they will begin play with a status-up ring (+3 HP, +1 Vitality, +1 Dexterity).

Jobs and Starting Statistics

Remember that you can (and probably will) switch jobs many times while your character advances. The thing that remains constant is your choice of race. It is therefore important to consider the basic fundamentals of your race choice.

Final Fantasy XI does not let you assign ability scores upon character creation. Instead, ability scores are modified by your choice of main job and sub job (if you switch either your main or sub job, it will alter your core statistics based on the levels of your skills in that job). As your job level increases, so do your ability scores.