Race: Galka

Home Nation: Republic of Bastok (minority population)

Strengths: Highest Hitpoints and Vitality of any race.

Weaknesses: Lowest MP of any race; Below Average Charisma, Agility and Intelligence

Detailed Information

Galka are hulking humanoids with tremendous physiques - each one is a towering wall of muscle with a disproportionately small head and lizard-like tail. Because of their unique methods of reproduction, there are no Galka females (all Galka are male).

Though Galka may at first appear to be powerful but brainless warrior types, they are in fact a versatile race with surprisingly well balanced ability scores. Because of their high Strength and Vitality, Galka make outstanding close combat fighters. They are best suited for the Monk and Warrior jobs, though their innate Dexterity and Agility make the Thief a viable choice as well.

One advantage that Galka possess is their ability to eat substances that other races find inedible. There are some foods can only be consumed by members of the Galka race (in particular, certain meats taken from the bodies of slain creatures. These meats usually raise Strength and drop Intelligence, the effect of which last about one hour in real time / one day in Vana 'diel time).

If Galka choose to start their character in the Republic of Bastok they will receive a status-up ring (+3 HP, +1 Vitality, +1 Dexterity).

Jobs and Starting Statistics

Remember that you can (and probably will) switch jobs many times while your character advances. The thing that remains constant is your choice of race. It is therefore important to consider the basic fundamentals of your race choice.

Final Fantasy XI does not let you assign ability scores upon character creation. Instead, ability scores are modified by your choice of main job and sub job (if you switch either your main or sub job, it will alter your core statistics based on the levels of your skills in that job). As your job level increases, so do your ability scores.