Race: Elvaan

Home Nation: Kingdom of San d`Oria (majority population)

Strengths: Above Average HP, Strength, Vitality and Mind

Weaknesses: Below Average MP, Dexterity, Agility and Intelligence

Detailed Information

The Elvaan are a race of tall, slim warriors with athletic builds and large, pointy ears. As male and female Elvaan are plentiful, Elvaan have no restriction on gender choice.

Elvaan should not be confused with other fantasy Elves. While both Elvaan and Elves share a similar appearances, Elvaan do not have the quick reflexes or superior magic skills of fantasy elves. Instead, the Elvaan have superior sword fighting and close combat skills, making them excellent Warriors and Monks.

Because of their high Mind, Elvaan make decent White Mages (beware, however, of their low MP). Elvaan also make decent Thieves.

The "preferred" home region of the Elvaan is the Kingdom of San d`Oria. If your Elvaan chooses to start in the Kingdom of San d`Oria, they will begin play with a status-up ring (+1 STR, +1 MND, +2 Defense).

Jobs and Starting Statistics

Remember that you can (and probably will) switch jobs many times while your character advances. The thing that remains constant is your choice of race. It is therefore important to consider the basic fundamentals of your race choice.

Final Fantasy XI does not let you assign ability scores upon character creation. Instead, ability scores are modified by your choice of main job and sub job (if you switch either your main or sub job, it will alter your core statistics based on the levels of your skills in that job). As your job level increases, so do your ability scores.