Final Fantasy All the Bravest is another game developed by BitGroove and published by Square Enix for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. The 'touch-action RPG' game featured familiar elements (characters, gameplay, locations, etc) from the entire Final Fantasy franchise. Progressing through the game allows the player to unlock several different jobs and other abilities.

This particular game has probably gotten the worse critical reception out of any others in the franchise. This was due to the lack of gameplay, customizations, no story and over-the-top in-app purchases. The overall nostalgia and familiar characters were not enough for players and critics.


When the shine of the sun is hidden by the shadow of the moon, worlds unbound are brought together, and the gate between dimensions thrown open. From the sun, under a pall of black, surges forth a sinister host, together with a darkness, eternal and unyielding, that threatens to consume all. The repel this vast evil, Warriors from all worlds must unite. The fight to come is theirs, and it is a war whose end cannot be seen. These fated heroes have risen, each with a Crystal brilliant to behold. They stand now not alone, but united, and in numbers greater than ever imagined.

All Releases

Title Platform Release Date (JP) Release Date (US)
Final Fantasy All the Bravest Apple iOS 2013-01-17 2013-01-17
Final Fantasy All the Bravest Android 2013-04-11 2013-09-12