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Thread: A philosophical question for everybody.

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    A philosophical question for everybody.

    Would you rather live in a decommissioned lighthouse or in a really old water tower? Asking for a friend.

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    The lighthouse has stairs, which is a plus, but it'll also be on the water, which means it'll be cold, windy and subject to storms, which would suck.

    The water tower would likely have a ladder, which sucks in it's own right. Much harder to carry groceries or furniture up. Plus it'll probably be dark and damp.

    I'll pass on both, but I'm leaning lighthouse
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    Decommissioned lighthouse. It doesn't necessarily have to be out in the water. There's a tourist attraction on the Oregon coast that's on a cliffside at the beach. Kinda always wanted to live on the Oregon coast. Then again, if I actually did, I'd have to deal with the shit weather and the wear on my car.

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    A lighthouse can actually be made into suitable living quarters. It wouldn't be the best living situation, but at least it would offer the bare essentials as per its original purpose. A simple water tower, on the other hand, is emptied for a reason. I wouldn't trust it to be up to code, to even be possible to be up to code, therefore not only would I believe it is unsuitable as a dwelling, but also potentially dangerous to even try making it into one.

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    Define lighthouse for me.

    Is it a house with a light on the top that you'd be able to see from far away, especially at night?

    Does it have to be a specific shape, or are tall and visible the only requirements?

    The east coast has some comfy lighthouses I think. They're often located in remote areas or islands. They'd need someone stationed at the lighthouse (living there) in order to make sure it's working on a regular basis. You might get many strange visitors. People think it's a beacon that you're meant to visit.

    There is a beacon at the airport that is kind of like a lighthouse, but I honestly didn't think it was that until now. People could live in it if they wanted, but that's not really what it's been designed for. It has a gym, nice couches, a kitchenette. Laundry machines a snooze room, etc. Mostly for the comfort of the people working there because their job can be stressful.

    As far as living in an old water tower, I personally don't see that as feasible at first thought. You don't know where that water has been! Accessibility might also be a challenge. You'd have pipes and access to water, sure, but people aren't really meant to climb the thing unless it's for maintenance. If you put in the work to make it accessible and safe, it could be feasible. You'd need to put in a lot of effort in order to do that.

    To answer the question though, I'd rather live in a lighthouse.
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    if I can get wifi and hook my laptop up there I'd take either

    I am literally not even close to picky with my lodgings as long as they're not like... heavily infested with roaches or actively on the precipice of condemnation

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