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Thread: Nostalgia be hitting hard

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    Nostalgia be hitting hard

    I don't what's going on with me atm but I'm reminiscing a lot lately especially the times and convos I had here. Man I wish I could go back and revisit all of this with the maturity and knowledge I have now but where would the fun in that have been if you know what I mean.
    I miss you f**kers and f**kettes a lot, hope you are all doing well and if not I'm reaching out a tentative hand for support because I sure has hell have needed it over the last few years. I will miss the ones that we will all permanently miss as well and none of you is far from my memories.
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    I've been on a nostalgia kick for the past year or so, and with all sorts of remakes and remasters of games, and the 90s making a comeback, it's been kind of wild.

    I miss this place too, especially when it was an effort to actually get here. When I joined, almost 22 years ago, it was on the glorious family computer, with the beautiful press board computer furniture desk/ cabinetry station, that instantly turned why room into THE computer room. Regardless, it was awesome to log on after a day of school and spend the rest of the evening on AIM and catching up on hundreds of posts in a few dozen threads. It was exciting just to see how many other people loved the same thing I did.

    I miss the old shenanigans and being dumb for the sake of being funny or because we were doing PBR 12 pack races on msn. Well, Meier and I were, at least.

    I miss a lot of the people too.

    I hope you're doing well, brother. Hit me up if you ever need to talk.
    Crao Porr Cock8- Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers

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    Oof. I had a long reply typed, but the website had logged me out, and now itís all gone. Oh well. Hi guys. Forums were fun back in the day.

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    Asking all the personal questions. Nostalgia be hitting hard RamesesII's Avatar
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    Them were the days, although mine was MSN, I don't think I ever had AIM. Definitely loved the chats and vibes. Yeah what's with the 90s coming back it's pretty funny to be honest but loving seeing shit from my youth making a re-appereance even better seeing my "fashionista" teen rock the 90s and me saying I did it first. I guess it all goes through phases.
    I also miss a few of the people, I missed some great opportunities at forming bonds, friendships I guess but enjoyed it nonetheless, isn't hindsight a grand thing if only I had the knowledge and experience I do know back then.

    Likewise Pete I'm around lurking the internet if you ever want to talk,and also hope you're doing well.
    Taco brother good to see you as well, no long winded reply needed, wholesome to see you anyway.

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