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    Dude, that's awsome! Sounds like things are going great!
    Nothing too crazy going on with me (that's a good thing). I spent most of last year focusing on professional development (i.e. finished my thesis, went to conferences, met new people etc.). I was able to land a really good job here in San Diego, so I moved. Aside from getting accustomed to new job (I do stats programming, so it has taken time getting used to using my brain for 8 hours lool) I'm just relaxing and enjoying myself, dating etc.

    There's a lot of people I miss on here, but there are more lurkers than you think
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    Haha good! i was just checking I'm great! what's new? lol
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    Are you alive?
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    Happy birthday old timer!!!!
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    lol Awwwww.. They grow up way too fast, huh? P will be in Kindygarten this fall, but she acts like she's 25. She called me one day (she's staying w my sister temporarily) and I asked her what she was doing.. She goes "Ohhh nothing.. Just drivin' in my car!" .. She also likes to snatch my phone and run off with it. She thinks it's hilarious... Even though the kid has an iPad....

    I dunno about abbreviation, but I can't stand spelling annihilation and Philippines.. MOST of the time, I get those 2 wrong. And I was spelling bee champ in 4th grade, damnit. lol .. Texting though is a different story. I hate auto-correct, but I'm usually in too much of a hurry to go back and fix my shiz, so I just leave it all as is. My friend Sean was like, "yeah. Don't text me no more until you get your spelling right." lol
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    ROFLMAO. I get a choice! No ****ing way!

    Oh oh OH. Yeah you have three. Sorry man. I'm sure my 1 equals to your three. She's a hot mess. Or maybe not. IDK yo kids.

    I understand your nonsensical ramblings now. How old are these chitterilings? I must klnow. Ignore my bad spelling. IDGAF. It loosk cool.
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    What the GD Hell **** are you talking about, man!?

    Yes using both at the same time provides great distraction when I need to clean something or want to slit my wrists right quick. JK. I love my chitterling. I never get tired of her. I keep her up late just so we can talk and laugh and shit.

    Sir. You have thoroughly confused me, and quite frankly, I'm f*Cked up enough to not like it very much. I DEMAND REPARATIONS!
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    jk jk I think I'z wearing a strapless dress or something. Stop being so conservative. You know you like it. ;p
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    Haha, my hand and I are feeling good!
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    Stumbled upon this gem, few days late but still better late then never. - Happy Australia Day ya c*nts!!

    Back to the hot and dry >_<
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    Right on.

    Wasn't too spectacular for me though, overtime at Woolies.. 4pm start instead of 7pm to midnight. Fun times for all. >_<

    Ugh lol, well atleast it's not 35*C+ again.
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    Happy Straya Day to you too mate! Haha I hope you and your family are doing well
  13. The cold where I live is a very dry cold haha, I heard that in Dubai there is a tower that is so tall that at the top there is 3 mins more of sunlight than at the bottom so they have to wait 3 mins longer to break their fast than the people at the bottom.
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    Haha I will kill you man , now we're gonna have the next Ramadan and you just asked me about it . It's been 4 months since we celebrated that .I'm ok ,how's the cold where you live ? is it interesting coz I might pay you a visit
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    Hey Pharaoh !
    How things are , I mean how are things ?
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Nothing like a good blog in the morning.

by RamesesII on 09-11-2012 at 04:51 AM
Hey look mum I just blogged.

I like this blog idea for some reason I felt like I had to write a fiction book when writing my journal, it felt like I was paraphrasing my day to day life and it was off-putting. So hopefully I will try and keep this one short and sweet.

I have to think of a way to set this out and keep it that way because that is my biggest problem is running with a single set out the problem is my thoughts come to me randomly and that.s what happens when

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