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Thread: Dayum its been years

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    Dayum its been years

    Sup TFF, long time no see. Thought I'd leave a last thread here in a dying/dead forum. Was late to the Social media migration, not sure if a group of members still exists or not. I'd love to try and reconnect with some friends and family I made here over the several years. Done heaps of growing up that's for sure, life moves on and this forum was/ is a huge stepping stone for me 12 or 13 years ago. Anywho I guess this guy is signing out for the last time on here hope to try and find and reconnect later on the webs. Peace out TFF miss you guys heaps.
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    I know right? Maintaining forums can be costly and so it's only a matter of time before this one might bite the dust as well. How are you doing on this fine day rameses?

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    We had some damn good times here over the years, man. I think this place was fairly integral to all of us growing up, and it's a damn shame that it's not what it used to be.

    Take it easy, brother.

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    So, what events have these esteemed forums seen over the years?

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