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Thread: Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Announced

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    News Post Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Announced

    Square Enix just revealed that in addition to the PC release of Final Fantasy XV that there will be a new console version coming out for Final Fantasy XV, called the Royal Edition. This version of the game packs in all of the DLC and updates that they made in year one of the DLC plan, but also new content made specifically for this edition. The new content is a new dungeon at the end of the story, new super bosses, a new Armiger mode, the boat is now driveable and the ocean explorable, new gear and new story cutscenes. For owners of the game all of this new content will be available through a DLC pack for $20, so no need to buy the game over again.

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    Didn't have much incentive to buy this game when it first came out, still don't to be honest, but I'm glad once I do it will be a somewhat "finished" game compared to its original release.

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    I don't know if this will be enough to make me want to replay the whole game. If there are additional cutscenes that could enhance the story, I feel like I'd like to see them as the game unfolds.
    A boat doesn't really excite me either. Maybe if turning the Regalia into a plane would be less of deathtrap, I'd be intrigued, but not really. If anything, the Regalia should have been made to become both a boat and a plane.

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    I totally did that glitch before it got patched where you could go on your chocobo from Galdin Quay and went over to AngelGuard, then all the way to Altissia. I got stuck under a bridge tho so had to quit the game. I'm super excited for the boat lol. Like, can you get to Neflihiem? Ooooooh man!

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    I am waiting for the 2018/2019 DLC to come out before replaying the game. I am sure there will be another edition that comes out once that is complete. I would like to replay the game with all the new changes, but I want the complete experience. Hopefully, SE will manage to incorporate the episodes into the main game akin to when the party is split up in FFVI. My current understanding is that the episodes are selected on the main title screen taking away from the story from flowing well and is a little jarring.

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