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    News Post New Stormblood Details

    The Japan Fan Fest for Final Fantasy XIV just started today and the keynote introduced new details about the upcoming expansion for Stormblood. The job confirmed was Red Mage which will be a range DPS, but also melee and use Red Magic that is a hybrid of Black and White Magic. They will use two weapons a rapier and magic medium that combine together to be a staff. The job will start at 50 currently and available in the 2.x regions, not expansion.

    Also announced was swimming, which comes with the Ananta beast tribe an underwater race. Lakashmi will be the primal. The mounts that fly will be able to swim and some 2.x areas will be swimmable as well.

    Omega weapon will be the new 8 man, which this time will be connected with the main story this time and will show up in the 3.5 patch story line.

    A big surprise was the 24 man where it is called Returned to Ivalice along with Final Fantasy Tactic and FFXII veteran will be writing the story for the 24 man raid and some the Megaten franchise Keita Amamiya will be doing boss design. It will be a very different story of experience and raid for the game.

    Pre-orders were revealed to start January 24th with the expansion planned to be released June 20th.
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    Ivalice/Red Mage. I don't care whatever they announce anymore...I'm sold already.

    "Celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu was also confirmed to be coming back to compose the main theme for Stormblood."

    I am 200% sold.
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