...It works with my Aiwa Dolby Surround System, what can I say?

...This surround format seems somewhat inexpensive and common, but my system's satellite speakers are always so distorted and grainy. I wonder if the cords have just worn out over time, or if the speakers themselves need to be re-coned?

Hm. Anyway, this one FF game is functional with Left-Right-Composite Dual Satellite (what my Aiwa system refers to as "Phantom") Mode. I don't use a center speaker because not only does nothing seem to sound right when I do, the left and right channels suffer a volume hit when I use it. Plus I think the Center speaker is definitely blown and besides, I don't remember where I put it.

Do any of you do audio stuffs? Say something you ruddy mummies, golly, it's like talking to a bloody brick wall