I was playing FFXII Zodiac Age, a fine remaster with many new perks that enhance the experience to a game I thoroughly enjoyed prior. I came upon Mt. Bur-Omisace and set about talking to the NPCs. One of those NPCs was a refugee from the Kingdom of Landis - Basch and Gabranth's homeland. His dialogue was to the effect "I am a refugee from the Kingdom of Landis, which was absorbed by Archadia before you were even born".

Now, that got me thinking. Vaan is 17 years old and if Landis was conquered before Vaan was born this dude, for the last 17 plus years, has been a refugee?! He is not a refugee, he is a bum. If all he has done is hung around Mt. Bur-Omisace for the past 17 plus years that is no longer refugee status. Just a straight up bum who hasn't moved on in life. Perhaps take root somewhere else like Basch in Dalmasca or have gone to Nabradia. Obviously the threat of Archadia and Rozzaria would have loomed over either of those decisions which culminated in the prologue of the game but that had not come to pass when Landis fell.

Am I being to rough or do you think this guy should have moved on from being a "refugee"?