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Thread: Missed Augments in FFIV (PC/Steam) (Possible Spoilers!)

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    Missed Augments in FFIV (PC/Steam) (Possible Spoilers!)

    Hey everyone! I have a quick question for you guys.... I obtained the Earth Crystal and then went straight to the Tower of Zot. I did not give Augments to any of my characters so far, I thought I would hold on them for the right time to assign them. Problem is, I have read that some of the Augments are only obtained by giving a certain number to Tellah, Edward Palom and Porom. I just got to the top of the Tower of Zot and am having a bit of a hard time with the Elemental just after I got Rosa back into the party. Palom and Porom turned themselves to stone, and Tellah just died using Meteo on Golbez. I am rather concerned that, since the twins are now stone and Tellah has died, that those Augments are now no longer obtainable. Is this true? Any help or advice is appreciated!!!

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    Pretty much. The game is set up so that it takes several playthroughs to get all the Augments from all temporary characters. Its been several years since i played the ds version but im pretty sure the Augments you assign to characters carry over into new game+
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