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Thread: FFVI Advance and Airship Glitch

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    FFVI Advance and Airship Glitch

    You know the infamous Airship Glitch. For those who don't know the glitch, it allows you use Blackjack at early points of game such as first time leaving Narshe. It is well covered for SNES version but not for Advance.

    First, yes you can trigger the glitch on Advance version. It's possible. None of the steps changed. For those dont know steps.

    1. Play until you reach to Overworld
    2. Save anywhere (any point that you dont get Blackjack yet)
    3. Don't save after that
    4. Go to floating contient
    5. Leave it without fighting with Kefka
    6. Wander around with Blackjack for few secs but never ever land. That's important
    7. Return to floating contient
    8. Die

    If done correctly, you will return your save point with Blackjack. That means you can mess with game. For example, save after leaving Narshe and with that glitch you get Blackjack, then go to Thamesa. Congrats you've ruined game because Strago never starts script, restart!. Or go to Zozo and gain many useless moogles. All depends to you.

    This post will cover differences with SNES version.

    1. Conditions are same: Ship is gone after landing, trying to visit interior is a bit messed up. I'll try more shit about that part.

    Will edited later

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    Thanks a lot for the details and the explanations !
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