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Thread: B-start doesn't give me the map

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    Question B-start doesn't give me the map

    Hi everyone.

    I've played all the way through Final Fantasy I and now I'm starting on FF II. I'm using higan (NES emulator) and a SNES-style controller. I'm working with an English translation of the ROM. According to Final Fantasy II/Controls — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki I should be able to bring up the world map with B+Start, but I can't bring it up. Here's a screenshot of where I'm trying from: B-start doesn't give me the map-screenshot-2019-06-23-14-26-51-png

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    It's weird, I think it's a bug

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    The correct button combination to bring up the map is actually B + Select. Try that combination and see if the game brings up the world map.
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