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Thread: Square-Enix files trademark for 'Collection of Mana'

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    Square-Enix files trademark for 'Collection of Mana'

    You might remember the Seiken Densetsu collection that got released in Japan back during the launch year of the Nintendo Switch 2017. Square has recently filed a trademark in Europe for a 'Collection of Mana' which is most likely the localized name of the Seiken Densetsu Collection. Now that it has a localized name, it is possible we may see it during the E3 showcase or possibly after.

    Square files trademark for collection of mana

    Are you all excited about this announcement of the possible localization of the mana trilogy? I was surprised it was announced at all, if this trademark does lead to a reveal, I will be looking forward to its release.
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    The games of this Collection of Mana are revealed in their simplest device, without embellishment, just what it takes to find this flavor of yesteryear once the adventure started. An old relic, a cult jewel and a pearl of originality, such is the proposal of this compilation which, with regard to the latter and its quality French location, was fully justified.

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    Is there any word that this will be coming out on the PS4? I know they made a remastered Secret of Mana, which I plan on picking up, and they're remastering Trials of Mana for PS4 release. It would seem kind of silly to purchase these separately if I can avoid it.
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    There'll be a Legend of Mana remaster coming out at least.

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