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Thread: Remember Chrono Cross?

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    Remember Chrono Cross?

    Whenever I think back to playing PS1-era rpgs, I tend to just remember the Final Fantasies on that system. Truth be told, I didn't really get into many non-FF PS1 games (I played the ports of Star Ocean 1 and 2 on PSP, and rather enjoyed those, eventually). The only non-FF PS1 game I can really recall taking a great liking to during that era was Chrono Cross.

    I tend to forget about it, though. Even though when I played it, I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters with some degree of personality, like Kid and Harle (were those the only two?) and was struck by the bitter-sweet true ending. I've got some nostalgia for memories of playing it late at night. It wasn't as good as Chrono Trigger, and it felt very different, but it was still fun for what it was.

    That's how I remember it. I haven't played it in years, though. I played FF9 again in 2010, and Tactics in 2017 (phone version). Those definitely still hold up. Wonder if this would.

    Did y'all like Chrono Cross, or were you too disappointed in it as a sequel to Chrono Trigger?

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    I love Chrono Cross.

    I feel like it still holds up pretty well after almost 20 years. I played it about 5 years ago and still really enjoyed it. The characters were memorable but there were so damn many of them that I missed a few on my first run.

    I think the music was really my favorite thing about the game though. I remember it moving me as a kid and the nostalgia was great as an adult.

    It's definitely no Chrono Trigger, but I thought it held up decently as a sequel. It might not have been the sequel everyone wanted, but it was a very solid game on its own.

    On the other hand, Legend of Dragoon was a bigger RPG title from that same time that I absolutely loved as a kid. I bought it on PSN a few years ago and was so underwhelmed.
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    Chrono Cross ... A game that makes all the clichés of the Japanese RPG lie, all the codes, which transcends a kind sometimes unloved. From the incredible combat system to the beautifully told and exceptional storyline, this game can not leave you indifferent and will remain in your memory like 40 unforgettable hours, etched in your brain. To do and redo!

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    Quite a late reply, but I would like to say, not only do I remember this game, I actually enjoyed it enough that I would eventually decide to create my own version of its rumoured sequel "Chrono Break" as an RP on an older forum I used to peruse. That RP would later evolve into a more thought out RP, Chrono Night, which I would like to say is linked in my signature, but that forum has since gone down.

    Unlike most opinions, though, I actually prefer Chrono Cross to its predecessor. I felt its basis on split timelines, essentially the quantum multiverse theory, was more complex and intriguing compared to more classical time travel topics portrayed in Chrono Trigger. As such, my Chrono Break and Chrono Night RPs followed Chrono Cross' setting, progressing and offering a completion of its story, with respect further given to the Radical Dreamers short between the two games.

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