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Thread: Left Alive Takes Place in the Front Mission World

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    News Post Left Alive Takes Place in the Front Mission World

    Square Enix was able to confirm during interviews today that Left Alive is actually part of the Front Mission world, series of games. However, it is not a direct sequel, but takes place between Front Mission V and Front Mission Evolve. But they are not labeling it as a Front Mission game, because it is a different approach. It is a third person survival game, not a tactical RPG. Elements of the series will still be present, but focused on surviving the war the main characters are now in. They also said that it would be not be easy to survive. There won't multiple endings to the story, but based on the choices made with NPCs their stories will change and have different conclusions.

    Source: Left Alive Takes Place In The Same World As Front Mission With A Focus On Survival Action - Siliconera
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