So this was a game that came out on Steam a couple years ago, and just recently released on the Switch, which is what I played it on. I guess it was also in early development for a while before that.

Anyway, it's cute and dark, kinda like a darker Secret of NIMH. You're a tiny mouse and you gotta sneak around rats. So it's a lot of stealth and fetch quests, because you can't really fight anything (you do get to kill some enemies later in the game, but only in one area, and they take a lot of hits). All of the characters are really well-written, and there's a lot of lore in the game. The game is also really pretty to look at, and the music is pretty good, too. My main draw was the characters, though. I really liked them, and liked interacting with them.

I was just looking around on YouTube to see if any personalities I knew played it, and apparently Yahtzee did. I was expecting a typical negative review, but he actually kinda liked it:

I preordered a physical copy on a whim, because I wanted to own some physical copies of games, and this seems like a fairly good one to own a physical copy of.