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Thread: Final Fantasy Dissidia NT: Ultimecia Reveal Trailer

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    News Post Final Fantasy Dissidia NT: Ultimecia Reveal Trailer

    Now that Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is being ported to the PS4 the character roster is continuing to expand prior to the launch of the game next year. The latest character to be revealed is Ultimecia with the trailer showing off some of her move set while fighting against Squall. It's mostly a visual taste of what she will play like with the more technical aspect of playing her not readily present.

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    Never really played as Ultemecia in the previous games, her moveset and play style of keeping your distance and trapping your opponent didn't really appeal to me.

    It looks like she's chaining attacks in the trailer? That was what made Golbez my favourite character in the past so that might be cool if it's the case. I wonder if Seifer will ever be a character in this.
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