Hey everyone! Newbie to this site here! I have a couple questions about the games Final Fantasy Legend and Final Fantasy Legend II - both for the Nintendo Gameboy...

1. In both of these games, mutants can acquire magic via natural ability and spells bought in stores. Which is more powerful - natural magic or store-bought magic?
2. In Final Fantasy Legend II, some magi can be used to increase certain abilities (Strength, Agility, Defense, and Mana). If a characters ability score is maxed out at 99, does the magi increase that ability or does it cap out at 99?
3. In Final Fantasy Legend, the maximum amount of points in the four abilities is 99. If the player uses an item to increase an ability, does that ability score go beyond 99, or is it capped out?
4. Where can I find online codes with either Game Genie or Game Shark for Final Fantasy Legend or Final Fantasy Legend II?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks so much!