Ritz the Reporter
Ritz Malheur reporting here at the scene of the famous Ivalice judicial courts where an uproar is taking place. There are lots of people just waiting to get inside the courtroom and cause a commotion. Who knew there would be this much trouble from Judgemaster Cid's leave. You heard me right folks, Judgemaster Cid has left the courts to join the brave and handsome Marche on his adventurous journeys through unknown lands.
Normally I'd be right there with them on their journeys but I have another calling: To be the greatest journalist that Ivalice has ever seen or read! Though onto more important topics. It seems as though the judges are having a very hard time keeping Ezel and his Anti-Law cards under control ever since Cid had resigned his station without any prior notification. And with this new development, the judges and the council are hastily trying to come up with ideas for new Law cards to prevent Ezel's Anti-Law cards being put to use.
I interviewed various people that were gathered in the courtroom, and had much luck in interviewing at least one council member from the Council. Most of them had stated the same thing: “Ivalice will go into chaos if Cid doesn't return soon. It'll never be the same without him. Even with a new Judgemaster, Ivalice will seem like a completely different world.”
Now some of you may be wondering why I suddenly decided to take up being a journalist and seemingly gave up a lot of fun battling different clans and creatures. Well, I'll put it simply: I didn't give that up. I still fight along side of Marche, Montblanc and Shara. Though the amount has been greatly reduced. I only fight in emergencies or in hard battles where my abilities are greatly needed. The Marche Clan has a huge party with various different races and job skills, so I think they'll be fine without me most of the time.
The reason I became a journalist was because I think the world of Ivalice needs an unbiased someone like me to release information and stories from behind the scenes. All those other newspapers and news reporters are biased and hold back certain information from the public eye. Well, not me. Not Ritz Malheur. Count on me to bring you the latest hardcore facts and behind the scenes information.
Look forward to next month's report where I interview Ezel and his plans to take advantage of Cid's disappearance from the Ivalice Judicial Courts.